We are a group of three longboarding girls from Spring, Texas. We ride with a huge group of guys, but we tend to keep up.
Jillian | Ali | Brett
We follow back, always

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duivelskat-deactivated20131206 asked:

Heyy, love the blog. :)
I'm in desperate need of a new board & I was wondering if you gals knew any that were good for just cruisin and getting around? I'd be super grateful.

JABS answered:

Thanks so much :] well in my personal opinion, sector 9 is a great board for cruisin’. I still have mine and i take around the hills for a good ride in New York. Simple and inexpensive, :]


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welcometorealitykid asked:

ahhh finally girls who longboard. i'm pretty much the only girl that does and i always have to longboard with my guy friends! you guys are awesome. do you make your own sliding gloves?

JABS answered:

our friend makes our gloves. if you’re interested you can order a pair!

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